Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

How do I save on oil and propane prices?

We are a membership group. We combine our members’ fuel needs and negotiate a volume buy with a number of fuel vendors on Oil, Kerosene and Propane. This allows us to save you money with a lower group price on oil, propane and kerosene.

How to change propane tanks?

We’ll walk you through it here!
Which vendor will I use? It depends on where you live and what fuels you use. Many towns have a choice of vendors, but some towns are served by only one vendor. If you currently use one of the OTEA vendors above you will remain with that vendor.

Where do you serve? NH, ME, MA and VT!

Lots of places! We serve areas in New Hamshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont
Check out our territory maps.
Eastern Propane since 2000 – Most of NH, some areas in ME, MA and VT (map)
Carroll County Oil since 2005 – Carroll County NH (map)
Fielding's Oil & Propane since 2009 – Maine and Seacoast, NH (map)
Suburban since 2013 – Selected areas (formerly Pyrofax, Difeo and MainGas Co.) (map)

How much does it cost?

  • Homes - $35 for first home or fuel. Add $15 for each additional fuel or location.
  • Businesses - $50 for first location. Add $20 for each additional fuel or location.
  • Non-profits - $40 for location or fuel. Add $15 for each additional fuel or location.
  • Fuel Assistance members: Free membership to residents who receive fuel assistance; you must send in supporting documents.
  • Veterans and Active Duty Service Members receive $5 off of membership.

How do I sign up?

  • Mobile or Computer users! Create an account online
  • Classic! Print out an application and mail it to us with a check.
  • Oldschool! Give us a call, tell us your information and either pay over the phone or mail a check.

Please call the office at 603-435-3077 if you have any questions. We are a family company with real people that answer the phones. We love to speak with you so give us a call anytime!

Do you give refunds?

No, not usually. We stand by our work and our pricing. If you decide to go with another vendor, that’s all right, but we have already done our part. The hard work of negotiating happens all year behind the scenes.

If I am not a member will you tell me your pricing?

No, we do not share our pricing with non-members. Our pricing is our product and we work hard all year on it. We are happy to help you estimate your savings and pride ourselves on being transparent. If your price is lower for any reason, we’ll let you know, we are a family business that supports our community in any way we can. If we don’t think you’ll save money with us, we won’t try to sign you up. And like most folks that sell a service, we prefer you pay us for our time and effort. Taking a product you didn’t pay for has all sorts of words for it!

I want to see all the details and read them thoroughly!

Sure! Here are our Terms and Conditions.