How the OTEA program works


  • OTEA combines members’ fuel needs and negotiates a volume buy with a number of fuel vendors on Oil, Kerosene and Propane.  OTEA vendors serve most of NH and some towns in ME, MA and VT.
  • Oil & K1 pre-buys and budgets require annual contracts. Propane - some vendors require contracts.
  • After fuel bid prices are set, members are notified by email or USPS of prices and plans. Note, it is critical that OTEA has each members current email address so they receive the information about prices and plans.   Members then take advantage of buying fuel at the discount rate directly from the fuel vendor. Members are not obligated to accept the bid price, however OTEA does not refund member fees UNLESS we cannot get fuel delivered to you, i.e., No refunds for failed tank inspections or failed credit checks or for changing your mind.
  • Members then establish an account with the assigned fuel vendor.  Equipment, tank inspections and credit checks by vendors are routine as is auto delivery schedule. Members are responsible for reviewing OTEA terms and conditions and their vendor terms and conditions.
  • OTEA may have more than one bid in a season. The first bid is often the lowest, but not always. Historically prices increase as we get into the colder months. If you miss the first deadline it's not too late to join but prices may be higher. Sign up early to keep your options open. Annual member dues must be paid before we go to bid or you will not receive price notices and may miss out.
  • Enrollment is not open-ended. Deadlines vary for different programs and vendors. We recommend you enroll or sign up early in the year to avoid missing out.


  • Create an OTEA account.  Annual membership fee required. You will be assigned an OTEA member ID #.
  • Enter your specific fuel information [type, tank size & location, estimated annual usage, etc…]
  • OTEA will assign a vendor based on your location, unless you currently use one of the OTEA vendors.
  • Fuel plans and options are available; plans differ depending on the vendor and time of year. Enrollment is not
    open-ended, some fuel programs close while others are available all year.
  • Signed contracts with the vendor may be required. Ask for your Vendors Terms & Conditions.
  • Members pay the fuel vendor directly for all their fuels. You pay OTEA only a membership fee.
  • Definitions: Fixed = the price does not change regardless of market price changes. Prebuy = pay
    up front for all your fuel required. Fixed Budget = pay equal monthly payments. Note, plans vary by vendor. Fixed Plans are for the upcoming fall heating season.
  • Rack price = a variable discount rate which fluctuates based on the daily wholesale price of oil. Rack pricing may vary from vendor to vendor by a few cents.
  • How to change propane tanks-click here.


(See Territory Map Links below)

  • Eastern Propane since 2000 – Most of NH, some areas in ME, MA and VT (map)
  • Carroll County Oil since 2005 – Carroll County NH (map) 
  • Fielding's Oil & Propane since 2009 – Maine and Seacoast, NH (map)
  • Suburban since 2013 – Selected areas (formerly Pyrofax, Difeo and MainGas Co.) (map)

OTEA assigns your vendor based on location. Many towns have a choice of vendors, but some towns are served by only one vendor. If you currently use one of the OTEA vendors above you will remain with that vendor.


  • Homes - $35. for first home or fuel.  Add $15. for each additional fuel or location.
  • Businesses - $50. for first location.  Add $20 for each additional fuel or location.
  • Non-profits - $40. for location or fuel.  Add $15. for each additional fuel or location.
  • Fuel Assistance members: Free membership to residents who receive fuel assistance; you must send in supporting documents.  
  • Veterans and Active Duty Service Members receive $5 off of membership: please send in copy of your ID Card.

Please call the office at 603-435-3077 if you have any questions.

Terms and Conditions


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