Many more testimonials from our valued members!

> I have been using OTEA for  propane for 9 years now and the savings I have realized are incredible!  Every year when OTEA goes out to bid, I am surprised by the price per gallon that they are able to negotiate.  I used to be rigid about turning my heat up, but now I don’t even think twice! OTEA is professional, affordable, customer centered and a great source for your energy needs!  Chris, North Andover.

> I certainly recommend this program to anyone and have done so over the past 5 years. Retired and living on a fixed income, every dollar counts, so when I saved $1.70 per gal on propane, obviously I was thrilled! Donna PITTSFIELD, NH

> Dan Barraford was a gentleman.  In 2000, my family was invited to become part of a buying group called Our Town Alliance Choice.  While it was the first "group" that I belonged to, it became very clear, very quickly that Dan truly had his members best interests at heart... he was passionate about energy  and saving money purchasing it. I spoke to him on the phone many times, listened to his efforts on our behalf in Concord (and nationally) and I truly felt that I had someone on my side when it came to fighting for lower costs for the oil and propane we used.   Eighteen years later, the Barraford family continues Dan's efforts.  The technology has changed, online accounting has taken the place of a check and a stamp but they have kept up.... equally important, I believe their principals have not changed......they  always are looking and negotiating to save their members money. Most importantly to me...there was (and is) a quantifiable and well documented  value in belonging to this group in yearly demonstrated energy cost savings, year after year. Dan Barraford would be (and is) proud.   Gary, Alton

> I have been a Member with OTEA since 2012 and have saved about $1,600 in total. Joining and getting the savings is just so simple. We have a tank rental fee each year but that is well offset and still save a ton of money. A huge thanks to OTEA!   S.C., Wakefield NH

> We have been members since 2000. We could go on vacation for a month with the money we saved over the years. Robert.

> I've been an OTEA member for the past seven years and estimate to have saved in excess of $2,000 on propane.  With a member fee of $30/year, that has to be one of best bargains around! WP, Webster

> My experience as an OTEA member has been great! I have been a member Since 2001 (yes! 17 years!) and saved money on my heating costs year after year! I have saved up to $1.70 per gallon on my propane deliveries. The auto renewal makes it effortless to remain a member and the customer support is amazing! I couldn't be happier with OTEA.Paul & Roxanne Vallee - Moultonborough

> I have been a OTEA member since 2012 and have enjoyed the annual savings of about $1 a gallon of propane. We use about 1000 gal per season, that equates to quite a savings! OTEA has been great to deal with and provides a great service, J&K V, Newbury, NH

> I am so glad a friend referred me to Our Town Energy Alliance!  The money they have saved us on propane has been huge! I really don't know how we would afford propane  without them! I have peace of mind knowing they have our back when it comes to keeping the prices affordable!  You would be crazy not to join, between the propane and electric savings its a no brainer! Mary - Strafford  3 year member

> I just wanted to say that I was very, very pleased with the terrific savings I received when I joined .  I was able to save over $1.00 per gallon on my price of Propane! Huge savings. I will also be doing the Oil next season.  Will also be recommending this to friends, family and real estate clients. Thanks! George

> I've been a member of the Energy Alliance for 12+ years. I can't remember ever dealing with a nicer, more professional and efficient bunch of folks! Being on a fixed income of social security, every penny counts and the money OTEA has saved me has been substantial. I'm very grateful to them for all their hard work and making this available to everyone, even businesses! THANKS OTEA!! ~Mary W. Conway NH

> I've belonged to OTEA for over 5 years and my savings were immediate: over a dollar per gallon - amounting 26%+ off the total price. As a retired / disabled veteran living on a fixed income, those kind of savings were very much appreciated! Tom L., Rochester

> OTEA is simply the best! I used to heat  90% of my house with a wood stove because Propane was so expensive. Then I heard about OTEA from a friend and the incredible savings so I decided to join last year and see how much it would cost me to heat mainly with propane vs wood. It's about  ~$500 cheaper so far this season and my WHOLE house is toasty! I love it! I haven't used my woodstove in months and I love not having to lug and stack the wood. I wish I had known about this fantastic co-op years ago! I can't say enough good things about OTEA. You will be extremely happy if you join!   LG...Moultonboro.

March 20th new testimonials

> We are fairly new customers to Our Town Energy Alliance and we're skeptical about joining, but boy was it ever the right move!  We were paying about $4/gal for propane. Our price was lowered by over $2! We are both over 65 and are watching our pennies, we are so VERY glad to have discovered OTEA! P from Wilton, NH

> I moved to Pelham, N.H. in 2016 and signed on with energy alliance that year. It was a pleasure dealing with them, they were very informative in explaining the program to me. I highly recommend them, they saved me a lot on my propane pricing. Great program - From Mike & Marge, Pembroke, NH

> We've been with OTEA for 10 years now and what I've saved is unbelievable. It almost seems too good to be true, but you actually save your entire membership fee on your first fill up. They have us for life.

> I am so glad I learned about Our Town Energy Alliance program.  I have been a member for four years now and have saved anywhere from $1.00 to $1.70, depending upon the year.  As you can see, the savings I have received over the years for propane gas has certainly been well worth the minimal annual fee. Also, you could not find nicer people to work with than Donna and the team at OTEA. Joan, Hopkinton, NH

> My husband and I have been members since 2003.  We're from New Durham, NH and OTEA has saved us so much money on our propane bills, very happy with them, especially since we're on fixed income it's helped us so much!! Thanks so much LB & CB

> I have been a member of OTEA for over three years and we are very happy with it. We save on every gallon of propane all throughout the winter. We think everyone should join us and start to SAVE.  Judith E. Comer, Hiram, ME.


> I've been a member of Our Town for 11 years, for both propane and fuel oil.  When friends and neighbors find out how much I'm paying per gallon, they ask me how they can join, I refer them to your website. - Frank Sanbornton, NH

> We have been members since 2008.  We rely on OTEA to guide us on the best pricing for the coming year.  We normally purchase the budget option but have used the rack pricing when OTEA has recommended this option.  Originally, we purchased both our oil and propane thru Irving when they were associated with OTEA. Even though Irvings is no longer part of the program, we have been able to negotiate pricing with Irving that matches the OTEA pricing.  Given that we use 900 gallons per year for oil and 300 gallons for propane, we have been able to save a tremendous amount for our heating needs over the years. Needless to say, we recommend OTEA to all of our co-workers, friends, and family.  Mike and Donna,   Peterborough, NH

> Great company, professional and so people oriented, helpful in today's world.  We have been members since early 2000's and we would not use anyone else or leave! You have saved us so much over these years with our fuel oil and propane. A ten star rating!  Thank you for all you do for all of us. Ernie and  Susan, Brookfield, NH

> I have been an Our Town member since 2006 purchasing both heating oil and propane. I highly recommend joining Our Town and have friends who have joined. Over the years I have found the Our Town consortium to consistently get the best prices for fuels. Bob - Center Harbor, NH

> I have belonged since 2007 and it has been such a pleasure.  I sometimes feel guilty it is so effortless and I have saved a great deal.  I recommend the coop to everyone and those who have joined are just as satisfied as I am.  Keep up the great work. JG Strafford

> OTEA is a very necessary membership for any NH resident that yields significant savings for those who heat their home with oil or gas. I have been a member for several years now and encourage my tenants of my rentals to also become members for the significant savings. You literally will save hundreds. Thanks OTEA for supporting the residents of NH.  Stephen - Epsom & Northwood NH

> OTEA is by far the best deal around - has saved me a ton of money in the 8 years I've been a member - the area it serves is extensive as I have used it in  both Gilmanton and Manchester NH - Tim C manchester

> As things get more complicated and expensive, there's a lovely respite when it comes to dealing with Own Town Energy Alliance. Not only do we get cheaper prices, we get then early enough to take advantage of pre-buys, and if there's a problem or any confusion, the office is quick to help and always friendly. OTEA is one of the few vendors I can honestly say I love doing business with. — Robin, Concord, NH

> I have been a customer of OTEC since 2004 and they’ve never failed to save me a considerable amount of money annually for my propane needs. I am always looking to their website to see what other discounts they might be able to offer to me. -Andy, New Hampton

> Bottom Line, if you want to save money on heating fuel, using OTEA is a no-brainer.  I will be a loyal member for many years to come. H.K. Eliot

> I initially started as Member #51 and then for whatever reason it was changed to Member#251...  I'm saying that because I've been with OTEA from the onset. How many bucks have I saved - no clue but I know I've saved mucho.  I've tried to spread the word for years. I recently spoke at a neighborhood meeting and described the potential for members, placed info on the neighborhood Notice Board and have seen the copies disappear.  It's fantastic - no chore to sign up and receive the needed info without any politics or worry. OTEC does all the work and we receive the benefit of their sweat. Yea, there's a yearly fee (minimal) but that's dismissed when you see the savings you've gained.  Good Luck, stay healthy and safe!  PGS, Belmont...NH

> We've saved thousands of dollars over the years by simply being a OTEA member. Thanks, Jake

> My husband and I have been with OTEA for many years and am so happy they we have had them in our corner.  The are very professional advising us well in advance with the best information on the home heating prices and when to lock in. It has saved our family greatly for many years. I would recommend them to anyone.  Walter and Donna

> I have member of the Co op for 17 years. In that time we have saved money every single year, as compared with our neighbors who do not have the Co Op. For 17 years we have not had even one service issue or any other kind of problem. 17 years of savings and unblemished service make Our Town , our first choice every time.

> It's great having you folks at OTEA in our corner negotiating for us!  I've been with you so long you're like Family! Thanks for all you do...Dan's memory lingers on!  Ron. Wolfeboro.