How the OTEA program works

How the OTEA program works

Big Picture Overview:

  • When do I join?
    • For oil or kero prebuy (locked-in price): sign up between January 1st and April 30th

    • For Fixed Propane Prices: sign up between January 1st and July 30th

    • For Variable Member pricing for oil and kerosene: Anytime!

  • When/What am I joining for?
    • Usually for the next heating season: Fall through Spring

  • How do you save me money?
    • When you join OTEA we combine your fuel needs and negotiate based on volume. In a way it is how you get discounts at Costco or Sam’s Clubs

  • Is there a contract?
    Prebuy programs require a contract with your vendor, not with OTEA. You must request and sign a contract from your vendor.

  • How does it work?
    • Sign Up in the Spring & Pay (Basic Membership is $35)

    • OTEA will negotiate with the fuel companies March-June

    • You contact your fuel company to set up an account and start saving money!

    • Members are notified by email or USPS of prices and plans June-July.

  • Enrollment is not open-ended. Deadlines vary for different programs and vendors. We highly recommend you sign up early in the year to avoid missing out.

Nitty Gritty Details:

  • Create an OTEA account and pay for your membership. Annual membership fee required. You will be assigned an OTEA member ID #.

  • You must call the vendor OTEA assigns you based on where you live. If you already work with one of our vendors there is no need to switch. If you forget to set up an account with your new vendor you might miss deadlines and NOT BE ABLE TO GET A DISCOUNT. Our plans differ depending on the vendor and time of year.

  • Enrollment is not open-ended, some fuel programs close while others are available all year.

  • Signed contracts with the vendor may be required. Ask your vendor for their Terms & Conditions.

  • Members pay the fuel vendor directly for all their fuels and services.

  • Definitions:
    • Fixed = the price does not change regardless of market price changes.

    • Prebuy = pay up front for all your fuel required.

    • Fixed Budget = pay equal monthly payments.

    • Rack price = a variable discount rate which fluctuates based on the daily wholesale price of oil. Rack pricing may vary from vendor to vendor by a few cents.